Meat, meat & a side of meat


This weekend, I very happily joined some distant relations at a family reunion and couldn’t help but notice what we were all eating.  MEAT.  It was meat, with meat and a side of meat.  The cooked vegetables were no where to be found.  Alas, it’s no wonder most Americans are so sick.  Don’t get me wrong–my diet can be terrible at times and I’m not trying to lecture people into eating healthy food, but seriously people, that much meat will kill anyone.

So what should we all be eating anyway?  I also had a fun conversation with a friend about the Paleo diet.  (Telling people that you’ve just started a practice is plenty of fun because you get to discuss fun food subjects, but I digress.)  She asked my opinion and I gave a few different perspectives but my main conclusion about all diets is that they are in need of more cooked vegetables.  No matter what diet you are on, you could be eating more cooked vegetables.  See.

Cooked vegetables give your body the greatest number of minerals to assimilate at one time.  They provide them in a form that is most easily digested AND they are least likely to be laced with chemicals (in a certain sense … maybe you don’t really want to know what’s in your meat or mixed with that bread).  Cooking vegetables allows our system to actually absorb and take in nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable. 

This week, I’ll be committing this blogging space to the glory of cooked vegetables!  I know, cooked vegetables are so not sexy but someone’s gotta advocate for them …


Symptom Chaser!


Ever feel like you’re health journey just follows one symptom after another?  Or like you treat one issue but then another one just like it shows up?  Or you’ve just gotten to the point where you’re allergic to everything but (or including) water?

It’s OK, you can finally be diagnosed a treated properly … you’re a symptom chaser.  Don’t worry, I am the ultimate symptom chaser.  I whipped our family through healing diets so quickly that, even before I started a practice, all of my friends would send their other friend’s to my doorstep to ask about what this [paleo/Feingld/GAPS/primal] thing was all about.

And honestly, I had it all wrong.  Don’t just eat whatever you want, but without fundamentally changing your body chemistry, changing your food choices too drastically isn’t going to help in the way you’re planning.  Your body, even when it’s terribly sick, has reached a balance that is much more “healthy” than you will produce by eradicating trouble foods and re-populating your gut with good bacteria from probiotics or ferments.  (p.s. if probiotics don’t work for you, it’s likely you have SIBO.  We learned that the hard way.)

Starting a nutritional balancing program is the best thing you can do for your health on every level–physcal, mental, spiritual and emotional.  By having your hair tested, your practitioner can pinpoint several different mineral ratios in your body that will allow them to suggest a tailored supplementation protocol for your body.  As a practitioner and a client, I can attest to the amazing results that come about when you follow a protocol.  I have seen the reversal of deep seated depression, the mellowing of erratic behavior and the healing of parasitic and chronic yeast infections.

There are some great diets out there but if you want to achieve deep seated and lifelong healing, nutritional balancing is the most complete, quickest and cheapest method.